The Life Grace Ministries youth development program is designed in a dynamic way to strengthen the ethics of our youths; thus bringing a positive change in the community. Our youth and single ministry is equipped to motivate the future generation giving them a chance to express their full potentials.Our youth ministry program aims to captivate and engage young people positively in relationship, marriage and finance prospects. We encourage you to take the opportunity to participate in our;

  • Voice of grace (Monthly)
  • Drama night (Quarterly)
  • Singles seminar (monthly)
  • Valentine’s day
  • Youth engagement breakfast club (Monthly)
  • Youth mentorship
  • Bible study/quiz
  • Youth Conference (Yearly).

Vision and Mission

Our youth program aims to address the positive development of young people which in turn would decrease social problems by facilitating their adoption of healthy behaviours and helping to ensure a healthy transition to adulthood. Positive Youth Development helps young people achieve their full potential and prevents them from engaging in risky behaviours. Important structures in these variations are:

»  Promoting a sense of safety

»  Providing appropriate structures

»  Creating supportive relationships

»  Providing opportunities to belong

»  Help them build a relationship with God

»  Providing positive social norms

»  Giving youth responsibilities and positive challenges

»  Providing opportunities for skill building


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