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Elderly and less privileged cause

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Elderly and less privileged cause

Lifegrace Ministries International has been running elderly services through our ‘Elderly free tea and coffee’ services.

In church
  • We provide an opportunity to give a donation to the church to help the elderly and less privileged

We are now expanding our services to meet the Elderlies in the community, offering them free tea and coffee, taking them individually to walk around their homes and reducing loneliness through short stories and keeping them company.

Currently, our resources are limited and we cannot provide services to many elderly people in our community. Hence, we need funding to include as many elderly people as possible in our communities-Croydon and Thornton Heath.

Apart from elderly services, we also support the less privileged in our community through the provision of food and drinks. Our intention is to provide support to as many less privilege as possible. And to achieve this, we need funding to embark on community wide campaign to reach as many elderly people and less privileged in our community. We intend to run a six months intensive campaign. At Lifegrace Minstries, every support we give to the elderly and less privileged is a learning curve.