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3 Things Successful People Do

3 Things Successful People Do


Achieving success in life isn’t complicated. It doesn’t require memorizing a complex formula, sleeping only three hours every night, or standing on your head each morning. What it does take is homing in on a few indispensable keys.

To find the success you desire in your life, you must know your purpose, grow to your maximum potential, and sow seeds that benefits others. Purpose, growth, and generosity – it’s really that simple.

In 3 Things Successful People Do, legendary success mentor John C. Maxwell unfolds these three critical components in rich detail, seasoning each  principle with real-life  success  stories and relevant examples.

Along the way he reminds us that  success is for everyone, not just for the lucky or privileged. It’s  for homemakers and business people, students and soon-to-be retirees, athletes  and church pastors, factory workers and entrepreneurs.

And it’s for you.



The road map that will change your life.

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