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My name is Maria, I’m from Angola. At a time in my life I became so frustrated because my son was in prison and I have gone to several places to find help so that my son will be released. However, I was passing through Lifegrace ministries church and heard a voice said to me ‘stop here’ and i quickly stopped , still contemplating I saw a woman who said to me follow me and we entered into the church. And I met with the pastor, Apostle Vitalis Odumma who prayed for me along side prophesied accurately about all my children and my family that i became so shocked on how someone could say everything concerning my family with so much accuracy and even called my daughter by name. However, he told me that my son will be released from the prison within three days and it happened exactly how he said it. Please, I want to thank God for using this man of God greatly and I return all the glory to God.

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